Life is 4 Living organises personalised cycling tours to The Vercors, in the south-east of France. Our cycling tours cater for cyclists of any experience and fitness. Let us know how far you want to ride or what you want to see and we will work it into our itinerary. Our team consists of Geoff and Bruce, cycling enthusiasts based in Australia. We are happy to answer any questions you have right up until your tour.
Geoff O’Sullivan

Geoff O’Sullivan is a born and bred Bendigonian and enjoys living in close to the Tom Flood cycle track in central Bendigo with his wife Louise.

Geoff is a keen cyclist who loves mountains. He has ridden in the Vercors area many times and knows his way around that region. He has climbed Mont Ventoux and the Alpe D’Huez several times. He has also conquered Italy’s famous Stelvio Pass.

He is qualified in First Aid and is a Personal Trainer. Above all Geoff is a bloke who gets on with everyone and looks out for others. He also is founder and chair of the Bendigo Cycling Classic.

Bruce Baehnisch

Bruce Baehnisch has been into cycling since he turned 40 and his knees told him running was too hard.  In the fifteen years since then, Bruce has regarded cycling as not only a great way to stay fit and to meet like-minded people, but also the best way to explore new places. This approach has seen him include cycling in most of his travels and he has now seen most Australian cities on a bike, as well as cities in Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy and of course France.

While road-cycling remains Bruce’s favourite form of transport, he has also dabbled in mountain-biking and gravel-road cycling.

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